Sunday, December 13, 2015

Other PR Specialists: Frienemies not Enemies

In a profession often competitive, it can be difficult to see your colleagues as friends instead of allies. But especially in your career, whatever you throw out will generally be thrown back at you.

What does this mean?

"Did you see Karen left a half hour early yesterday?" "Our ComTech pitch got moved to tomorrow afternoon when Aaron isn't in the office. His problem not mine."

The more we try to sabotage our peers or competition, the more they will sabotage us. What if Karen had a doctor's appointment and you offered to help her out so she could leave early and not fall behind? What if you told Aaron about the pitch change, and he let you know about a meeting change the following week? View your peers as allies rather than a threat.

When it comes to connecting with others, go outside your comfort zone.

Ask for opinions and listen to what they have to say.
Work on inclusion and resist exclusion.
Be willing to do your competition favours.

It can be difficult in a competitive environment, but do your best to create relationships with your co-workers. Bonus: our boss will notice your willingness to connect with others and in return, probably make an effort to connect with your or help you as well.

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